Our solutions

For several years Demetra has partnered with many Italian companies, to install anaerobic digesters, the most profitable solution to manage organic waste coming from the agricultural materials, agro-industrial supply chain and organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

We have developed close relationships with Italian companies providing machines which complete the waste treatment chain.

ADbag Biogas made easy
Designed to allow an easy and cheaper access to biogas production, ideal for small farms and food processors with a reduced supply of waste, our Adbag solution is a modular system based on a prefabricated plastic bag, easy to be installed and maintained. A technical container unit regulates the recirculation, feeding and heating of the digester. The ADbag can be supplied with or without the CHP to suit better the client’s needs for the destination of the energy retrieved. A wide range of accessories complete the offer. The system is fully automatized and can be controlled remotely.

The reinforced soil solution
Developed for a site that was within a National Park by our technological partner Biogas Engineering, the reinforced soil solution represents a greener system for the construction of the reaction tanks whilst providing a big saving in the capital costs. After digging half of the height of the basins in the ground, the shoulders are built laying layers of soil and HDPE meshes. Two layers of LDPE membranes similar to those used for landfills will provide the waterproofness of the vessels. In this way no foundations are needed and the concrete is confined only to technical spaces; a recirculation unit provide for the mixing and heating of the sludge.

The concrete tank solution
The concrete tank solution represents the standard in the construction of Anaerobic Digestion. We have built many of these facilities and we have mastered its secrets retrieving energy from a wide range of waste. The AD reaction is developed in concrete vessels which are usually built on site. This technology although surpassed by our other solutions is still important and is usually applied in those cases where the site footprint is an issue or where specific challenges require an extremely versatile solution.

Pyrogasification is a thermal process that utilizes the cracking of the chemical bonding at molecular level within the feedstock treated. The result is a gas, Syngas which is mainly hydrogen and is used to generate energy. Our technology can treat waste that usually does not suit the Anaerobic Digestion process becoming the perfect match for a full exploitation of the potentialities of your waste. As a stand -alone facility the Pyro Gasifier can provide energy from small amounts of a wide range of feedstock.